Wednesday, February 4, 2009


i just realized every station on pandora is a true reflection that i am my father's daughter. so here's what else i got from james ross lewis:

1. my love/hate relationship with meat starts and ends with chili dogs.
2. i am so quick to defend the south you'd think robert e. lee was in our family tree.
3. maybe it's the fact that my mom was terrified during all three of her pregnancies that she would go into labor on a sunday, or the fact that i remember my father calling his 11 year old nephew an "asshole" for acting like dion sanders whenever we played charades. but i'll be hailing to the redskins until the day that i die.
4. bob dylan, neil young, fleetwood mac, the stones, james brown.
5. the curls, take one look at my father circa 1968 and then look at me. twins.
6. when my mother asked me what my favorite cocktail was and i replied "gin and tonics" she chuckled and said "i think you're father had a few of those when he used to drink."
7. i lack a filter when it comes to cussing and being painfully honest. i also have no control over my facial expressions.
8. my odd obsession with all things thomas jefferson.
9. i am not the only lewis who is known to watch approximately 18 hours of olympic coverage
10. i'm the happiest when the ocean is right in front of me.