Wednesday, September 12, 2012

if you don't know by now, i'm talking bout chi-town

patricio and i are packing two little bags and heading to chicago this weekend. and i can barely contain my excitement, i feel like a kid on christmas!

we will get to spend some time with his family, celebrate the engagement, and meet OUR new niece, sadie. and we are staying with john and b, which in my book means a whole lot of jabbering, a whole lot of kitchen table sitting, a whole lot of 312, chardonnay and budweiser and not a ton of sleep. i can't wait!

we will also be visiting a few of our favorite spots:

for pizza: piece
for thai food: sticky rice
for cocktails: tiny lounge
& just for me and b: bhldn

my windy city.
ps john/becky/patricio - do you guys remember when we threw a mini spring break party, in january? hahahahahhaah