Tuesday, September 18, 2012

to do or don't: engagement photos

patricio and i have taken approximately two dozen couple pictures over the last three and a half years. i don't think we purposefully avoid taking them but they have a tendency to remind me of high school, when you framed pictures of you and your love because you were like clearly the best couple ever! and because my decorating aesthetic will never be framing one thousand pictures of us, i kind of thought engagement photos were pointless because if you don't have them on display, why have them at all? do i ever, in a million years want a picture of patricio holding a chinese umbrella as we awkwardly look into each others eyes? no. to be totally honest, i'd much rather have a picture of polly holding a chinese umbrella.

but after discussing my hesitations with our photographer, katelyn made a valid point that we need to be comfortable in front of the camera with each other, and with her, on our big day. now the question is, where to take these photos and WHAT TO WEAR?!?!?!

here are a few favorites that currently live on facebook or instagram - i'll have to add "buy frames" to my extremely long to do list.....

o'brien/fitzpatrick wedding - october 2010

mangano/bishop wedding - june 2012
chicago - september 2012