Thursday, June 20, 2013

there is no mafia!

i am unashamed at how much i love television. i also love to cook, and shop, and read but television, oh i fall happily in love with television shows. i've shared my love about television before. LOST, new girl, sex and the city, the wire..the list goes on. and on. and on. 

but my absolute favorite show ever
the sopranos.

now i don't believe that i was ever the audience the soprano's was going after. when it first premiered, i was a 14 year old girl. i didn't know much about life, let alone the inner-workings of a crime family.

but every sunday, my dad and i would watch the sopranos.
despite numerous occasions where the scenes were so uncomfortable one or both of us would leave the room.

it was our little tradition. something we shared.
our love for tony. 
we were always pulling for him.
always giving him the benefit of the doubt. even though he was so hopelessly flawed.
and we still reference him at times. like he's an old friend.
there just aren't enough shows like the sopranos.
there aren't enough actors like james gandolfini. 
and i am so so sad that he's gone.

when i called my dad last night he didn't even say hello before i blurted out "TONY SOPRANO IS DEAD!"
my dad said, "what now? no he is NOT!" 
"yes dad, he is! he had a heart attack. and i'm like irrationally upset about it." 
"well hell, anna maria, so am i!" 

oh, dad. i am so glad so glad the apple didn't fall far from the tree.