Tuesday, October 22, 2013

the details.


when we got engaged, patricio and i sat down and came up with a list of things that were important to us. this was hands down the best advice we received during the entire process - thank you sara nutt! i blogged about it here.

while this planning process was a long ride - i am very proud to say that we held true to those five things.

but what wasn't on the list was my determination to have cohesiveness with all of the things. i have been to many many weddings, and the ones that i remember the best are the ones that paid attention to the details. i wanted every single thing that guests received or saw to not be a surprise, but more of a "oh yes, this looks like that other thing i saw over there..."

for us, it was our invitation set that led the way. that navy script, the gilded gold edge, they were so elegant and effortless i wanted all of the things that came after to feel the same way. the first step was easy: we decided to incorporate the exact same script into our table numbers, favor cards, wedding programs, and menus.

all of our "signage" was a labor of love. patricio and i spent a few saturdays looking for frames at thrift stores. we found a handful and pat was able to repaint the actual frame gold and use chalkboard paint on the glass. my dear, sweet, wonderful, and incredibly talented childhood best friend used her skills (and handwriting i've been envious of since the 6th grade) and wrote everything by hand. i can't thank her enough, it turned out beautifully.

and as someone who has taken great pride in being "aml" i wanted to incorporate the newest addition to my name. because after all, this is going to be on my gravestone!

photos (minus the favor card) are courtesy of our lovely, talented, and insanely patient photographer - mrs. katelyn james