Sunday, November 25, 2012

make me wanna move my dancing feet

for some reason, the first dance has always been extremely important to me. not so much the style and technique of the actual dance, i could care less about that. probably because as a dancer, i have about three signature moves, all of which require loads of chardonnay in order to be seen. but choosing the song has been something i've always looked forward to. and not just for myself, i always seem to ask "how was the wedding? what was their first song?"
because THIS is what you will dance together first, as husband and wife. for the rest of your life, you will hear THIS ONE SONG and it will remind you of your mate, your partner, your best friend and your wonderful wedding. it should be a song that you listen to and think "if i could write music, this is what i would say to you."

so my love and i started with a list of 6 songs. we have narrowed that down to four. and we are cutting it off at four because let's be honest, we still have 10 months to go, and if i don't hold up my hand and say "stop" i will continue to add songs until there are just far too many to choose from.

but just for fun, what did you and your better half pick? or plan to pick? i'd love to hear!