Monday, December 10, 2012

weekly roundups!

i've heard that you should write about what you love. which is why i choose to write about patrick. and polly. and our life. because from the soles of my ballet flats to the tips of my curls, i feel like i am the luckiest girl in the whole wide world to have those two feet, and those four paws to go home to every single night.

but i have other loves. i like to cook, and i like pretty things, and i've been known to whip up a DIY or two. and so, per a few requests i have received, i will begin to write about those things as well.

i'll post stuff about once a week, and if you know me, and feel like i'm leaving anything out, just let me know!

the new normal

normal conversations to have with your soon to be husband: 

me: i cannot wait to buy our helmets
Patrick: we need to make sure we get ones that fit us right. i have an enormous head!
me: do you seriously think your head is bigger than bj raji?
Patrick: um, yes. he looks like he has a tiny head. although aaron rodgers might have my size head. he looks like he has a good dome.


"did the green mile win for best picture?"
"i don't know babe, i'd have to look that one up"
"you are supposed to know these things anna, and it really upsets me when you don't."