Friday, January 28, 2011

long time coming

i must apologize to my 3 regular readers, i have had quite the month and blogging has just not fit into my schedule. so much has happened that i don't quite know where to begin. so i will start with the biggest thing first:  

i am back at city year, in an entirely new capacity (praise the lord) but am still working in fundraising. however a dream of dreams came true and i am now a "development manager" which loosely defined means managing corporate relationships here in chicago, and if i do say so myself, it is the bees knees. i can't wait to be knee deep in grants, and corporate sponsors, and special events, but for now i am taking lots of deep breaths and trying to be very sponge-like, absorbing as much as i can after my 8 (sometimes 9 and 10) hour day. plus i have a really cute coworker who likes to wink at me during staff meetings, and when he's not in the office, i get to come home and spill every detail of my day as he patiently listens, and silently supports me.

two friends were engaged within a week of each other. tickets were booked for two weddings. & i can say, without a single bit of doubt or fear or embarrassment, that i am perfectly happy and comfortable with still being a girlfriend.

i turned 26. i haven't had time to process it, or really even consider it being anything other than another year i proudly call my own.

and last, i am one month away from being DONE with my fourth chicago winter. over the last few years i have been asked "how do you do it?" and "does it really get that cold?" and the answer remains the same "i don't know" and "yes, it gets THAT cold." 10 degrees is as miserable as it sounds, i still don't know how to properly drive in the snow, and i remain firm that hell is not hot, it is a balmy 0 degrees, with a -20 windchill. but chicago, i'm here. and i promise, my love for you from may-october makes this all worthwhile. sort of.