Monday, May 13, 2013

registering to build a home.

it's a funny thing living together before you're married. you have to merge all your things, and pending how long you have been out of college, or lived on your own you sometimes realize "wow, this guy who i want to build a life with, well he has enough stuff for 6 apartments." my patrick - he's the bees knees. the salt of the earth. the best match/partner/mate i could have asked for. but he likes stuff. you name it and he probably had it. old receipts? he had thousands! pillows that his head has rested on since 2004?  yup! coasters? we could have lined the earth with the number of coasters this man had in his possession. it. was. crazy. i felt like i might be the first woman who "snapped" not because he cheated, but because he wouldn't throw away bowling shoes he had from a class he took his junior year of college.

and me? i am the opposite. i have been very slow to build a home with patrick, buying this here, and then that 6 months later. i have catholic guilt and parents who instilled the fear of credit card debt upon me and my brothers. as a result, our kitchen....well it's been woefully neglected in this rather slow process.

which is why i was so excited to register! we decided on two stores, macy's because it carried our china and crate and barrel because we both love it. i created a spreadsheet of every single item, item number, price, and quantity of what we wanted. it made me feel very type a but made for a flawless four hours and i highly recommend it to all you brides to be.

five months to go...