polly's story

polly was found roaming the streets of chicago. she was 9 pounds, sick with an ear infection, and had given birth so recently that she was still lactating. she was scared. she was all alone. she didn't even have a birth date. and hours after meeting her, she was ours.

patrick and i have spent our careers in the nonprofit; we are motivated by the desire to give back to this country and more specifically, help those in need. we both strongly believe that this kindness should be extended to our four legged friends and as such we are strong advocates of animal adoption.

if you live in chicago, please adopt from PAWS. it is a wonderful, clean, no-kill shelter and i am forever in debt to their good work. and here's a fun fact: it's also the shelter where oprah adopted one of her little pups!  good enough for the divine miss O? good enough for us!

if you don't live in chicago, but are interested in growing your family by a few paws,  please think about adopting. if not, just be the best darn pet parent you can be and we'll call it even. deal? deal.

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