Monday, May 20, 2013

what about what?

when my dad was visiting this weekend, we were watching kanye west perform on snl, and i was pleasantly surprised to see him bob his head and then exclaim "man, this guy is a TALENT!" if you know anything about me and pat, you know our shared love for kanye. so i casually said "oh yeah! he's great dad! and he's kim kardashian's baby daddy." 

my dad shuddered. literally. i thought he was going to make a comment about the term "baby daddy" but instead he said, "there are a few things in my lifetime that i really wish never happened. the kardashians are one of them." 

my dad was born in 1950. think of everything that has happened in those 63 years. to name a few:

kennedy's assassination
the civil rights movement
the munich massacre
the iran-contra affair

i couldn't stop laughing, and then finally asked "what about bennifer dad? do you wish that never happened?" his response: "what about what?"