Wednesday, September 19, 2012

my work husband

patrick and i met through city year. when we started dating, we worked separately, and then about two years into our relationship, we once again became coworkers. and while we barely survived the lions, and tigers, and bears, and hyenas; we survived. patrick has continued his career with an organization that means a great deal to us while i have found a new passion for my (still relatively) new role at united way.

but we miss each other. we miss grabbing lunch together, or chatting throughout the day. we miss being able to commute to/from work together. so when our work does overlap, which it does because this world is so small, i really enjoy it. especially when i get work emails that are addressed to me like this: 

ps - shout out to my REAL work husband, rayshaun! love you boo. 
please attend our wedding as mike tyson.