Thursday, February 3, 2011

take me back to the start.

i had my first "am i old?" moment earlier this week. i was walking by an open door at the city year office, and corps members were hard at work, but had music playing. as i pulled my lunch out of the fridge i heard a song that i couldn't name, being sung by a voice i didn't recognize. i could tell it was new, i could tell that every one of those 20 year olds had heard it before, and i poked my head into the room and asked "what song is this?" their look said, "are you kidding?" while in unison they blurted out the title; a title that my 26 year old brain has forgotten.

and then a funny thing happened...
i. didn't. care. 

i wasn't bothered, not in the slightest. i realized that they don't even remember what it's like to live in a world with britney spears in her prime. their high school soundtrack isn't filled with dave matthews; and they don't remember that overwhelming feeling of hearing what love must sound like, when they saw chris martin sing "the scientist" at the 2003 vma's. because they were 10 years old. and weren't allowed to watch mtv.