Sunday, August 19, 2012

top five

it is amazing the amount of advice that you receive once you're engaged. it's almost backwards, where was all this help when patrick and i were standing in an apartment we couldn't afford, in a city that we loved, with jobs we hated, screaming at the top of our lungs "i can't do this anymore!!" ok, i'll admit. i was the only one screaming, because my beloved is apparently incapable of raising his voice to me. 

thankfully, we were able to navigate those hurdles on our own, but this wedding stuff? it terrifies me. there seems to be an overwhelming amount to do - especially when between the two of us, there are four very beautiful states that could host our wedding. so for all of the advice that i have received from my closest friends to women who i haven't spoken to in years, thank you. your help has been so incredible and full of love and support. i hope you hear my gratitude. 

one of the best pieces of advice came from a sorority sister. she suggested sitting down as a couple, and agreeing on the five most important things we want at our wedding. we are taking that a step further, and making top 5 lists for everything that we are unsure of: the honeymoon, our first dance, wedding party gifts, etc. if there is one thing that heckels and i are good at, it's making lists.

i plan to share the original lists as this process unfolds; mostly because i will love to look back and see where we started, and treasure this sublime feeling of excitement and anticipation as we plan the day that we (finally) become husband and wife.