Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"today is not the best day of your life"

i have been a fan of wedding blogs for quite a few years, however i am not quite sure why. i've always seen myself more as a carolyn bessette-kennedy and less of a kate middleton when it comes to my own wedding. give me candlelight, my groom, and our parents and brothers and i will be one happy bride. but now, i am checking these blogs with a heightened sense of attention; it's my turn to make those itty bitty decisions, to try and have a conversation with my fiance as to the pros and cons of different signature cocktails, to text my girlfriends pictures of a dress that i have yet to try on but know that it is "the one," and all the while to be true to my vision of utter and complete cohesiveness 

and so that's why, one of these many blogs i follow gave me a brief reprieve from this self imposed stress that i am beginning to feel as my "to do list" continues to grow, and grow, and grow. this particular post highlighted a best man's speech, that opened up with the line: "this is not the best day of your life." and you know what, he's totally and completely right. this is just where our story is going to re-begin, we will no longer be a couple, or together, or dating; we will be married. and that's all october 12, 2013 will be, an opportunity to celebrate this fact with all of our closest and dearest family members and friends. the best day of our life, will more than likely be in 20 or 25 years, when our first child leaves our nest and enters the world; and he/she is a thoughtful, kind, and giving person who does what he/she can, to make this world a better place. and we will silently look at each other and say "good job, love. we did a good job. this is the best day."

i can't wait.