Monday, December 3, 2012

to elope. or to wedding.

confession time. i have never been one of those girls to dream about her wedding.

when i was little, and thought about my life as a grownup, yes, it included a husband. i just never even thought about having a huge, over the top, wedding with a big white dress and cake and all that. my childhood dreams (in no particular order) were: owning a powerwheel, working in a grocery store, and having a baby. but never, not once, was i one to walk down the aisle and have a faux wedding with toys.

so when pat proposed, for that blissful day where we were the only two people who knew, we discussed eloping. it seemed do-able and quite lovely to have our parents and our brothers come into town and celebrate with a small ceremony and a quiet dinner. and that would be that. we would be married, we would be legally and spiritually bound, and we would begin our journey as husband and wife.

we talked about it seriously for five minutes. and then i said "well what about my dad? i'm his only girl. he won't ever get to walk his daughter down the aisle." and so that was that and we decided to have a wedding.

we settled on about 135 people. and i am really excited. not only for our union to be celebrated by close friends and family but at this rare opportunity we have to honor the people we hold so dear to our hearts. to honor their role in your life. your cherished memories. and the bond that only humans are capable of forming.

every single person invited to the lewis heckel wedding is wanted. from the bottom of our hearts, we want to honor you. and thank you for all that you have done for me, for him, for us. we want you there, not so you can celebrate us, but so that we can celebrate you.