Friday, January 9, 2009


now that i'm 24 i am old enough to:

1. hold a conversation and use the term "well 10 years ago..." and actually be able to remember 10 years ago.
2. live where ever i want. once i move back in with ross and eileen, i will have time to sit down and think "where to next?" will i backpack? go back to school in a new city? settle down in d.c.? kick it for a while in the 540? you're guess is as good as mine.
3. spend money on nice clothes and justify it with "it's for work."
4. get a dog. no i can't afford one. but yes, at this point i want one more than i want children.
5. consume alcohol. yes it's been three years since i turned 21, and yes, i am still in love with the fact that i can buy beer with my groceries.
6. go to germany with two of my absolute faaaaaavorite people in the whole wide world for Oktoberfest 2009 purely because i want to. i have a funny feeling the phrase, "remember when we went to germany..." will be repeated for years to come.
7. have old friends; and i mean friends "who knew you when you had braces and got peter kotowski suspended for calling you a bitch..." or "who remember when you went to north carolina and forgot to tell your parents you'd be gone for 3 days." if those people are still around, chances are fantastic they are yours for life.
8. know what kind of wine i like, and what kind i don't. and no, deciding on what color of mad dog i preferred does not count.

and even though i am 24 i am young enough to:

1. still be idealistic
2. pick my life up at the drop of the hat and convince myself that "settling down" is the gravest fate of them all...
3. spend money irresponsibely
4. not be able to commit to anything. a dog, a boy, a perfume..
5. get kicked out of bars.
6. travel when i don't have the money to
7. gossip, endlessly
8. drink mad dog. haha kidding, but not reeeeeeeeeeeally......

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MJW said...

you should add on that list, "get in fights with cab drivers"