Friday, January 30, 2009


jenny cho and i spend countless hours trying to pinpoint the few times in our lives that we have been truly, blissfully, 100% happy. points in time that if the world were to stop we would be happy in that moment forever. i can tell you this much, today ain't one of them. so instead of bitching about being exhausted, over worked, and seasonally depressed i'm going to reflect on a few of the good times i have been blessed with.

1. block island. living in a run down hotel, ironically named "the overlook," with 100 people under the age of 25 from all over the world? YES PLEASE. horrible decisions were made and quickly forgotten, some of us got fired and threw our work shirts on the roof, others chose to fall off balconies/docks, while the majority of us chose to take irish car bombs 30 seconds before all staff meetings. and somewhere in all of this insanity, i was perfectly at peace with life.
2. hilton head. my job consisted of arts and crafts, grain alcohol cocktails, and watching my boss push children into swimming pools. and after that? we relaxed.
3. the inferno 2007. three years, two arrests, countless emails requesting my presence in standards, followed by numerous empty threats of de-pinning, came to an appropriate end. amid the smoke and flames, i was able to see that yes, perpetual bonds of sisterhood were made and i will forever smile fondly on those three triangles.
4. europe. food was inhaled, voices were raised, camels were rode, karaoke was sang, money was spent/wasted, cats handled turbulence surprisingly well, balls were placed on the back of necks (marissa's) and somewhere between all that, we saw europe. this trip was a remarkable way to end the best four years of my life.
5. the summer before 10th grade or what i affectionately refer to as "the last sober summer"
6. my 22nd birthday trip to baltimore
7. camping trip 2002 parts 1&2, yarbough (both the cul-de-sac and the boat), amoco gas station, the minter's basement; say what i will about fredericksburg but i was able to grow up surrounded by the same faces year after year and for that, i am incredibly lucky

“drink wine…this is life eternal;
this is all that youth will give you.
it is the season for wine, roses and drunken friends.
be happy for this moment; this moment is your life….” - Omar Khayyam

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