Tuesday, January 6, 2009


i am sharing a list of a few of my favorite things in the whole wide world.

1. anything monogrammed. stationary, bags, towels, napkins. you name it, it should prob have your initials on it.
2. europe. see you in september 2009.
3. the constitution. read it, it was written for you.
4. bob dylan. listen to him.
5. penguins. is there anything cuter?
6. andy warhol. his work, his life, his words; pure genius.
7. uggs. don't knock them if you've never lived above the mason-dixon line.
8. fountain diet coke. heaven in carbonated form.
9. public transportation. do your part, take the bus.
10. the style books. michelle obama is a girl playing dress up next to diana, audrey, and jackie.
and last,
11. chicago. i fell in love with 40 children, learned to live off of $800 a month, fulfilled my dream of seeing oprah, and gave michael phelps a high five. do i regret my decision to move to a city totally and completely alone? not for one single second.

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