Friday, May 15, 2009

gloomy in chicago

It's a rainy day, but I prefer puddles to piles of snow so I'm not complaining. Instead here are a few reasons why I am so happy to call the windy city my home away from home.

1. Buckingham Fountain. I have a thing for fountains, and this one might be the most beautiful one I've ever seen.

2. Summer. Everyone is just so happy that they survived the winter, you don't want to stay indoors. And the wind that chills you to the bone from November to April is much appreciated in those summer months.

3. Wrigley Field. Not a huge baseball fan, but that place is amazing.

4. Millenium Park. Yea, Chicago should have put the billions of dollars into their public schools, or filling the pot holes that stretch across the street, or maybe...I don't know, not a giant bean. But it's still soooooo cool.

5. I have not met one person who thinks having the Olympics here is a good idea. And yet Chicago is still in the running.

6. The el. It is filthy, disgusting, dangerous, unreliable, and really really loud. I love it.

7. No I didn't vote for him, but yea, it is kind of cool how proud Chicago is of Obama.

8. Peeps in the Midwest are just good people. I think the only snob I know here is myself.

9. Michigan Avenue at Christmas

10. OPRAH WINFREY. hello.

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