Tuesday, May 5, 2009

i like each of you a bit more.

i spent friday-monday with my absolute favorite females in the world. it had been nearly 10 months since we had been together and while each of our lives has changed considerably since July, our very special bond has remained the same.

we spent the majority of the weekend in west palm beach the way we spent the majority of our time at jmu: drinking. gossiping. shopping. eating. and then planning on what we were gonna eat in a few hours. our definition of fun has not changed and neither has the fact that we speak far too loudly in public places, receive dirty looks from strangers as a result, have the worst luck with sales associates, fight over the front seat, take 20 minutes to decide between two bottles of wine, consistently over pack, and rarely call each other by our birth names.

i'm delighted to see that the girls who left jmu nearly two years ago, still exist. even if we're a bit more grown up. just don't fall asleep before midnight because i might just punch you in your face.

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