Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the month of may

five years in a row, may has been my yearly reminder that another year of adulthood had passed. i am another year removed from my beloved james madison university, my hilarious and insane memories of college are just a bit more blurry, and by no fault of my own, i am a bit more responsible. but this year, this may, i realized just how young i still am. just how much more i have left to enjoy and celebrate and experience.

i officially left chicago - my home away from home. and maybe never ever again in my life will i live somewhere that i so fiercely feel is "mine" but i am so lucky to have a place on a map that means so much to me. to have lived in a city, and realized that little corner of the world was meant to be a part of my life - and that i will forever beam with pride and nod in agreement when someone gushes about what a fantastic place it is.

i started a new job! and i love it. and it's so completely different than what i've been doing for the last five years, and that is okay. i am okay with learning new things, and being a little bit scared, and still being pushed by a little voice in my head that reminds me, "your life's passion lays in doing good work for others."

one of my dear, dear, dear friends said "yes" to the love of her life, and they are getting married! and i am so thrilled for her, for them, and for all the blessings that will come their way as man and wife. five years ago, i don't know if i was mature enough to realize the sacrafice, and the devotion that goes into a marriage - i'm not quite sure i full grasp it now. but i'm grateful to be surrounded by women who have each taken their own pace to the altar. and aren't looking at the rest of us, mouthing "hurry up!" as they go.

"damn homie, you're ENGAGED!"

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