Monday, August 27, 2012

my nestmate

this is the story of how one midwestern pea, met a pea from virginia, and didn't talk to her for the entire year they worked together. and then 18 months after they first met, they were both crossing at state and lake, at 5pm on a very cold february evening, and they agreed to meet up and get a drink. a few days, turned into a few weeks, until finally dinner was had at duck walk. delicious thai food was eaten, a bottle of white wine was drank, and promises of a second date were made (even though he made far too many references to wedding crashers, in my most humble opinion)

a few days, turned into a few weeks, and date number 2 finally happened. same place. same two orders. same bottle of wine, but this time with a few 312s.

a few months later came the first big fight. nobody remembers what this first fight was about, but they will never forget the words that were spoken: "by the way, i f------ HATE thai food."

8 months after that, belongings were combined, and they settled into their very first apartment on ashland and berteau, a stone's throw away from their favorite bar in the entire city, the long room.

4 apartments and 30 months later, they are now living 1200 miles from where their story began, with an underlying promise that they will love, and cherish, and honor and respect each other, all the days of their lives. however the topic of thai food is still an extremely sensitive matter.

happy two and a half years of living together my sweet pea. building (all of ) our little nests together has been one of the greatest joys of my life. 

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Jaden said...

I love this! Gives hope to other Virginia peas.... I need to move to Chicago.