Wednesday, August 1, 2012

the best kind of friends

"the agony of defeat"
last night, while watching our little ladies trounce the rest of the world in gymnastics, (i mean really, FIVE POINTS in a game that is scored in tenths? so proud!), we couldn't help but look at each other and think, "gosh, i kind of wish we were in chicago right now." and so when i received this picture via email, shortly after i took the below picture of patricio, i almost fell off the couch in a fit of giggles.

"olympic champions"
you couldn't dream of more different people than the four of us. patrick and i are pretty conservative, they're pretty liberal. ben loves the bears, pat loves the packers. jess has a heart of gold, i have been told ice runs through my veins. and yet somehow, the four of us just get along, even when we are all screaming over who is the worst person in the world, michael vick, or aaron, the bartender at goldies? meeting these two people, is one of the many wonderful things pat has brought to my life and i hold on to a little bit of hope that fate will work in our favor, and we will again share the same city with this lovely pair.

so cheers to the herman-prators. we absolutely, positively love you and cannot wait to see you. oh, and we'll take 2 manhattans, 1 gin and tonic, and a delirium. thanks.

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