Thursday, September 6, 2012

sit. stay. love.

disclaimer: this isn't a wedding blog. it's the teeniest tiniest corner of the world wide web where i have captured (more or less) my life over the last four years. and yes, over the next year, i will be capturing my transition from girlfriend, to fiance, to wife. but i also fully plan to share things that bring me joy, make me think, delight me, inspire me.....all that stuff. and what honestly brings me (and my other half) the MOST joy, is our polly girl.

polly lewis heckel
my two loves

we are coming up on our year anniversary of becoming a family of three which is so hard to believe. we adopted her from PAWS in chicago, and i could not be a stronger advocate for animal rescue. yes, i see the appeal of puppies and purebreds and as long as you are a good parent i pass no judgment on how you come about your pet. but this is what i know; i know that polly loves us a great deal because she was treated so poorly the first few years of her life. i know that her 10 pound self is so full of gratefulness she could burst. there are times when she lays her head on one of our laps, and just exhales, as if to say "i am finally loved." and she is. we cannot imagine our life without her; every single night we tell her how much we love her, and how we are so sorry it took us so long to find her. but that she's ours for the rest of her life.

so IF you are considering adopting a pet,  or IF you already own one and you have a desire to donate some food/toys/pet supplies to a animal shelter, or IF you love anthropologie as much as i do (which quite frankly, i doubt), make a difference this september.

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