Sunday, September 9, 2012

sundays are our day.

"next season" is officially this season. httr.

patricio and i are an extremely independent couple. we haven't spent every holiday together. we have yet to celebrate christmas together on the 25th of december. we go on trips without each other. we spend time with our respective families solo. i almost pride myself on our tendency to operate as two individuals who just happen to be head over heels in love with each other. but there are some things that are sacred to "us." and one of those things, are sundays during nfl season.

for the past three NFL seasons, we have spent every sunday together. they are our day. we loved hosting pregames/games/postgames in chicago even though neither of us claimed our city's team as our own.  pat would man the grill (sometimes in 0 degree weather and snow on the ground) and i would be busy mixing drinks and preparing appetizers upon appetizers upon appetizers (yes k&co, the bread bowl and 'the dip' were frequently made.) and when the packers made their beeeea-utiful run for the playoffs, we would try to make those sundays a special occasion, even if it was just for us. because my love is crazy superstitious, we would watch those games alone; huddled on the couch together, running around our apartment, screaming at the top of our lungs, and worshiping at the altar of clay matthews and aaron rodgers...together. those weeks leading up to superbowl XLV are memories i will hold onto for the rest of my days as i gleefully cheered for the pack and experienced patrick's joy as his team brought the lombardi trophy home to lambeau.

so today, on the very first sunday in three years where the skins played fan-freaking-tastic, and the packers not so much, i am so thankful that while i won't be marrying a die hard skins fan, i will be marrying a die hard fan. someone who loves this little game as much as i do. who yells, and jumps up and down, and screams "THAT IS BULLSHIT" as loud as me. someone who enjoys the wonder and the heartbreaking moments that come with being a fan of a sport you have never, nor will ever, play.

god help us if i'm pregnant during football season.

please future babies, don't be born on a sunday when your mom is screaming about dan snyder.

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