Thursday, October 11, 2012

always the bridesmaid...

while i was not blessed to have sisters of my own, i have been so blessed to be surrounded by an array of wonderful women from the different chapters of my life. i met my childhood best friend in the 6th grade, but it took us years to actually like each other. and in harrisonburg, virginia i met some of the most loyal, hilarious, loving and supportive girls i know. and then i left them, and moved to chicago, where i was lucky again to find girlfriends who i adore.

that being said, a girl's gotta pick her bridesmaids. and after nailing down quite a few of the major details, i got around to visiting rifle paper co., scooped up some cards, sat down with patrick and settled on our wedding party.

they are...

christine fitzpatrick - matron of honor

cheyenne brooks

sara wist

ashley bishop

marissa jones

and becky hoerr

...ladies: i love you, i love our memories, our stories, and the special bond i feel with each of you. whether it was gently encouraging me to go on a second date with him ("i don't know loo, it kind of sounds like you like him!") or feeling comfortable enough to scream "NUGGET!" when you were first introduced; patrick and i are so grateful for the love and support you have given us over the last few years. and i want each of you to know that as i walk down the aisle to marry him, my journey to him wouldn't have been the same without each of you. so from the bottom of my extremely full heart, thank you.

and just for good measure, patricio has asked his brothers, my brothers, and our dear friend john (and becky's other half!)  to stand beside him.

we are so excited!
and in true aml fashion, the bridesmaid dress was already picked! 

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Jaden said...

dress is perfection