Sunday, October 7, 2012

the fall feeling

it still doesn't feel like fall here in sunny florida. it's 90 degrees, pretty much every. single. day. i catch myself complaining, and then think about how i spent the last five winters: a frozen curly haired icicle, waiting for the el on an elevated platform (i still don't know who planned out the cta, but seriously, why isn't everything underground??).

i am rather upset about not having a fall this year, because it's my favorite season. correction, it's OUR favorite season. it's when we first said "i love you." when we first moved in together. when i loved him through an nfl season (which isn't as easy as it may seem.) and my dream fall wedding will actually be coming true. i know the time will fly, and before i know it, we will be traveling to virginia for our wedding weekend, a weekend that i hope FEELS like fall.

but then. i. get. so. overwhelmed. i'm looking into so many different ways to incorporate fall that i feel like i have to stop. and like all girls, i call my mom hoping for her too to soothe me with the old advice, "this is just a wedding." but she reminds me, this isn't just a wedding. this is my wedding. and so the details are important. and it's ok to feel a little stressed about making these decisions because it does matter where our rehearsal dinner is and how we pay homage to our beloved chicago. it matters whether our guests are comfortable at their hotel, and what kind of food we decide to serve. we have the rest of our lives to go through highs and lows, but this day, this october 12th, it's going to be perfect. and we must focus on what is the most important, and for us, it is making sure that every single person who attends our wedding knows exactly how much we love them. and how happy we are that they are a part of our lives.

so to our family and friends near and far, thank you. and i look forward to showering you with gratitude and love on october 12, 2013.

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