Friday, November 30, 2012

love, polly

i am completely unashamed of how much i love polly. when pat teased me about changing my instagram name to "lovepollygirl" i was shocked, i mean this little lady is my best friend! i want the world to know that something so sweet and darling exists! the lewis heckel household can't be selfish and hog this cuteness to ourselves! and then i realized that i think women who identify themselves as "suchandsuch'smom" via email address, license plate, hashtag, what have you, are a little teeny tiny bit pathetic and so i changed my username.

but i absolutely can't help but share pictures of that little lady. yesterday i officially crossed over to "that kind of dog owner" when her christmas collar/bow arrived, and i had to whisper how much it cost to pat in fear that he would be disappointed in my financial choices. but i mean, LOOK AT HER! i would have paid double.

merry christmas! love, polly
if you want more of polly, feel free to follow me on my (new) user name: annamloo.

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