Wednesday, December 12, 2012

a rifle paper co. print

when pat and i got engaged, i swore up and down, no way/no how will anyone else do my wedding invites/save the dates other than mrs. anna rifle bond. and then reality hit, and while i adore everything she does, it just wouldn't have fit with our wedding OR our budget. 

that being said, i was determined to have her talent on display in some way. since we aren't much into couple pictures, we already knew that there would be very few on display at our wedding, but i still wanted to somehow incorporate the personal touch that photographs bring without using actual pictures. and so we ordered a custom wedding print from rifle paper company. it will be personalized with our names, wedding date, and city/state where we will be wed. 
we are so thrilled with how the proof came out and we cannot wait to see the finished product. i mean our little faces ACTUALLY look like our little faces! it is the neatest thing. we plan to order a custom print around this time every year, as a fun alternative to traditional portraits. and you better believe next year polly will be front and center. 

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