Tuesday, December 18, 2012


i love you because you are patient
you work so very hard for us.
you are attentive and present
to me. to polly. to your family. and to our relationship.
you love cheese.
you love the packers.
i mean you even dug aaron rodgers 'stache. respect. 
you are handsome.
you have a beard.
you make me feel valued.
you are so so much smarter than i am,
but you never make me feel less smart.
you can fix absolutely anything.
you stand behind what you believe to be right, even when it's hard.
you let us take turns being the star of the show.
you're okay with me stealing some of your jokes.
you call me bug.
and sometimes when you REALLY need to get my attention you call me "lewis"
you don't judge me when i never, ever, ever wake up early to go the gym.
you let me fall asleep to law and order every. single. night. 
you change the channel for me when i don't have my glasses on. 
you always start and end your day giving me a kiss.
and you know that the surest way to end an argument is to tell me that you are already mad at yourself (because really, how can i be mad at you when you already are?)

happy birthday my love.
i am oh so happy you were put on this earth to be mine.
"what a beautiful home we have found in each other."


Digital Thunder said...

Happy birthday, Nug!!!

a.m.l. said...

we love you digital thunder!!!