Thursday, February 21, 2013


i haven't jumped on the birchbox train because i already buy unnecessary skin, hair, and makeup products with every trip i take to target, and i really don't need to have them sent to me via usps.

BUT! a fellow fur-momma told me about "barkbox." it's essentially birchbox but for dogs AND 10% of your order goes to help doggies-in-need. i signed up for the 6 month plan because their website told me it was the best deal, and well, i believe whatever i am told.

polly is small but mighty and we go through a lot of toys. A LOT of toys. amazon prime has been a lifesaver as we are able to buy her favorites over and over again but we aren't so adventurous when it comes to purchasing new products for our girl. now we can be! 

if you're interested and would like to save $5 off your order, click here

ps - pat, i signed polly up for this thing called barkbox. 

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