Thursday, February 14, 2013

if that ain't romantic.

i remember when gmail was first introduced, i thought how amazing it was that you would never run out of space. EVER! 3,397 emails later i realize what a pain that is and have begun the process of combing through emails and deleting 50 a day until i don't feel like such an email hoarder. 

that being said, there are benefits to keeping 3,397 emails. one of those benefits is finding an email from one patrick heckel, dated july 10, 2007. he was returning an email i sent to a generic city year inbox, inquiring about safe neighborhoods to live. little did i know that the love of my life, the father of my future children, was going to enter my life via email.

what's even better is that i apparently emailed him back right away, asking if i got columbus day off. so typical. he didn't respond. also typical. 

what's not typical? 

our wedding falls on columbus day weekend. 
heckels, i knew there was a reason we picked the 12th! 

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