Thursday, February 7, 2013

with this ring.

oh wedding bands....

we are a bit ahead of ourselves on this one (seems to be a common thread in our wedding planning) but we started to look at wedding bands. after sending dozens of iphone pictures to my girlfriends across the country, i settled on my band. and ironically, it's one i haven't really shared with anyone other than patricio. it's very plain and very simple, and the perfect compliment to what i feel is the most beautiful engagement ring.

a few weeks ago, we stopped by a little store with a very famous name, and pat was able to find his ring almost immediately. he knew exactly what he wanted and it looked wonderful on his big manly hand. more than wonderful actually. it was one of my happiest moments throughout this process. because it dawned on me that while pat has already asked me to be his wife, i still haven't asked him to be my husband. but in october, i get to give him something that is a token of my love and affection. and that simple, glaringly obvious thought, hit me like a ton of bricks. this is happening. and it's going to happen whether or not the save the dates are square or rectangle. it's going to happen even if we don't quite figure out what the heck we are going to use as a guestbook or whether the flowers are more of a tangerine or more burnt orange. all that stuff? it's just great lighting on what will already be a beautiful picture.

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Becky Hoerr said...

absolute best post yet--you are the truest couple i know. xoxo