Friday, May 3, 2013

i'll never be gwyneth paltrow

well i'm not 6 feet tall and i don't weigh 100 pounds. i love europe, but i'll be damned if i ever fake a british accent.  and while i enjoy eating healthy, delicious food - i don't have the luxury of being able to spend $200 on every homemade meal.

gwyneth paltrow and i, well, we both love chris martin...and that's about it. BUT i read an article that she just did for iron man 3 (anyone going to see it? i love that tony stark) and she talks about her marriage and advice she received from her dad. she asked him, "how did you and mom stay married for 33 years?" he said, "well, we never wanted to get divorced at the same time." and that might be the most real thing i've ever heard her say.

i love you patrick. thanks for never letting me break up with you. even if it meant standing in front of my car, with a goose island 312 in your hand, refusing to let me drive away, in 0 degree weather. bees knees, you are.

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