Sunday, May 23, 2010

el fin de LOST

If you and I have had at least a 10 minute conversation you know a few things about me. You know that I laugh really loud. You know that I have no control over my facial expressions. You can tell that I do not live in the city to which I was born. And you know that I really really really love television. It can be argued that I become too involved in the shows that I enjoy; but I will only admit that is true when it comes to LOST. From the second I saw the first episode I was a fan. I realized that all the hoop-la surrounding LOST was because it is in a word, awesome.  I remember leaving alumni weekend to finish watching season 1. I would be at Highlawn, 2 pitchers into the night, squaring off with someone who "swore" the numbers had to do with the coordinates of the island. I would pay close attention in my Philosophy classes when the names "Hume," "Locke," or "Rousseau" were used. When moving to Chicago one of the first questions I would ask a potential friend would be "You watch LOST?" After going on my first date with Pat, I remember thinking "But he doesn't watch LOST...."

And so after 6 season, I bid farewell to a television show that really asked the question, "How much faith do you have?" And while I don't know if I would necessarily sign up to protect a light that kept the world spinning, or what my reaction would be if I saw a cloud of black smoke kill people.  I haven't quite figured out if we live by our own free will, or if our destinies have been decided for us. But I do thank the creators of LOST for giving us all a little something more to believe in.

"why do you find it so hard to believe?" -  locke
"why do you find it so easy?" - jack

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