Monday, September 2, 2013

Aloha, eh?

Here's a (not so fun) fact about me and my guy. We have never taken a vacation together. Now that isn't to say we haven't traveled. We have happily boarded planes to celebrate every single wedding/shower/bachelorette/baptism/etc we have attended either together or separately. But a stretch of days to ourselves? It hasn't happened in 54 long months. 

So we were over the moon excited about planning our honeymoon. We have both traveled pretty extensively all over the world but to be able to take a trip together?!? It was overwhelming. At first we wanted to go to Europe; specifically Italy. Then maybe Hawaii. We couldn't justify the price and the travel time so we started to look at the Caribbean. And before I knew it Costa Rica was our honeymoon destination. And before we hit the confirm button on our 7-day stay at the Four Seasons we looked at each other and asked "are we sure?" and Pat was the first to say "I don't want to sit on a beach for 7 days."

We live in the sunshine state and we aren't tan. We never go to the beach. We love the water but cities are what make our feet dance. We love the restaurants and the shows and city blocks. We love exploring the different pockets that cities have to offer. A concrete jungle over a white sand beach? Yes please. 

We said in unison that the Pacific Northwest was our destination of choice.
And so we are going to


And as luck has it, our beloved Blackhawks are playing the Canucks when we plan to be there. 
And John Legend will be in town.
And there are many, many restaurants I am already drooling over.

It will be rainy and it will be cold (45 degrees) but we fell in love in a tundra place....
Snuggled up. Down coats. Boots. Scarves. 

I think we'll be just fine on our very first vacation as mr. and mrs. 

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