Wednesday, October 30, 2013

for the nuggets.

pat has three nieces and a nephew that we a-d-o-r-e. 

pat's actually the godfather for 75% of that generation of heckels, which cracks me up because this is the same man who yells the most obscene things to any team playing the packers, but whatever. father of my children, love of my life, etc. etc. etc. 

 we are crazy about those little ones, but i'm not an idiot. i know how difficult (and expensive!) it can be to travel with little ones, especially for something like a wedding which for all purposes is something that only adults are interested in. and so i absolutely understood if our nieces and nephew would have stayed home and been taken care of by their other set of grandparents. we would have missed them dearly, but pat and i agreed...whatever was decided, we would understand. 

thankfully they did attend! and i got to put together special "kid favors" for them. 

i used the same kraft boxes that were used for the welcome boxes at the hotel

the kids had the same tulle ribbon that the adult favors were tied in, but i didn't take a picture of them! darn it. 

i printed activity books onto card stock. the template was very easy (i just had to download it) and super cute! it included a cake for them to "decorate" and a picture of a bride and groom to color in. 

i also ordered some goodies from my favorite store and yours, oriental trading company!

it was really easy, took almost no time at all, and added a whopping $30 to our wedding budget. 

money well spent i say. 

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