Wednesday, October 16, 2013

rain is good luck on your wedding day.

october 12, 2013 will not be remembered for being a beautiful fall day.

but i'll always remember it as the perfect day. 

125 of the most special people in the world traveled through rain, and flight delays, and terrible traffic to get to us.
patrick heckel, in a navy polka-dot bow-tie, literally took my breath away.
and i cried tears of joy when i heard beyonce on the dance floor.

to quote one of my lovely cousins,
"it might be damp outside, but there is nothing but love in this room."

and won't we be so lucky if all our days are like that?
when stuff you can't control doesn't work in your favor.
whether it's in a parking lot and someone steals your space.
or it rains on your wedding day.
instead of being disappointed or upset, you make every effort to surround yourself with love.

because i can tell you what.
it's a hell of a lot more fun to be clutching the hand of your husband,
as you both scream "kris kross will make ya jump jump"
than it is to be upset about silly rain.

i'll try and recap the day in the next few weeks as we settle into newlywed life.

i'm still gushing over the pictures that katelyn james has posted.

but for now...

i'm the luckiest girl in the world. 

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Diane Piganelli said...

It was a beautiful day filled to lots of love and we were honored to be able to share in this special time with you and la familia! Blessings to both of you! Much Love, Tim & Diane