Thursday, March 5, 2009


welllllll, i fell asleep 25 minutes into last night's LOST. i was even texting sara questions/possible theories and telling brandon how different this season is from all the others. i see juliet and sawyer drop the l-bomb and next thing i know, its 3:30am, i'm on my couch, and there is a mexi-infomercial on my television. now it took me about 10 seconds to realize that the mexi-infomerical had nothing to do with LOST (can you seriously blame me?) before i eventually stumbled into my room and woke up at 6am ready for another day.

who am i? what happened to the person who would stay up all hours of the night, found sleep to be a nuisance, and could survive a few days with nothing but venti's from starbucks and early morning mr. j's. i'll tell you what happened to that girl.

ughhh. i guess things could be worse. i could be rihanna.

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