Tuesday, October 6, 2009

it's in the number 4

I watched this week's Monday night game with mixed feelings. I LOVE rivalries and I love drama so this was right up by ally. But as a football fan I can't imagine how horrible that game was for Packer fans. And the reason I can't imagine that is because as a Washington Redskins fan I have not had the opportunity to enjoy a winning season since I was five. That's right, I was learning how to spell "Anna" when the Skins went to their last Super Bowl. I was singing "ABC, 123" the last time "Hail to the Redskins" was sung proudly through out the District and its surrounding areas.

So Green Bay I don't think its thaaaaaaat big of a deal that Favre went to Minnesota. Because the entire time you were winning, I was watching the Redskins miss extra points and lose to the Arizona Cardinals when they were the laughing stock of the NFL. Or have the living shit beat out of us by Dallas, at home, on Thanksgiving Day.

I actually think you should thank him for giving you 16 amazing seasons of football. 16 seasons of always knowing you've got a chance to go to the playoffs. 16 seasons of him running around with that infamous pointer finger held high and that darling grin from ear to ear as he threw yet another touchdown pass. And as the man who created his own legacy he has earned the right to finish his career in whatever city he wants. I completely understand his sense of entitlement and as fans who own part of the team I would think you'd understand his desire for a bigger piece of the pie.

And if the pain is too unbearable for you, think about Heath Shuler, Gus Ferrot, Michael Westbrook (perhaps you remember him beating the shit out of Stephen Davis, at practice), or my favorite quarterback of all time, Jason Campbell. Because while Brett Favre was being named Sportsman of the Year, gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated, and bringing you back Super Bowl rings these gentleman were brought to D.C. and then (sometimes not so) quietly asked to leave. As in: "Get the fuck out, you have officially disgraced the game of football and we paid you 17 million dollars to do so." And to top it all off, we're STILL STUCK WITH DAN SNYDER.

Green Bay I don't feel bad for you. Mostly because I find Brett Favre charming and I love watching him play. But also because things could always be worse. You could be a Colts fan circa 1983.

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