Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I am not a huge fan of Valentine's Day, not for any other reason then when I have been one half of a couple, we spend February 14th much like any other day of the year, as it should be any other day of the year. Men should buy women flowers just because, and favorite desserts should be made just because they are favorite desserts. You should be willing to make grand, over the top gestures to declare your love every single day. And if you consider small doings to be annoying, or don't value the importance of "just because" then it is my most humble opinion that you should be single.

I don't get caught up in the 14th when I'm with someone and when I am single I don't pull the "I have nobody, I'm all alone" mostly because I'm not. I have four very best friends who are my Valentines all year. They send me little cards, they never forget a special day, and they have seen me at my absolute worst and still love me. We even end each phone call with an (often simultaneous) "LOVE YOU!"  We are rarely with in arms distance of each other, but when we are lucky enough to be together, we treat ourselves to wonderful dinners, lots of wine, and gifts for ourselves. It is, to say, the most successful long distance relationship I have ever had.

And this year, while I am fortunate to have someone wonderful in my life, I am THE MOST fortunate because he understands my relationship with these four women. He is respectful, and appreciates that when my cell phone rings, the television has to go on pause (even if it's the Olympics). He knows when I say "ok 5 minutes" that means the phone call will probably last 25. He is used to me referencing emails he was never sent, and memories he's not a part of. He loves these women not because he has met them, or grown to love who they are; he loves them because I do. And that is one of the many, many, many reasons I love him.

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