Monday, March 1, 2010

day job?

lent began just a few weeks ago and for the first time in my life, i really couldn't decide what to give up. i almost always give up diet coke as it is self admittingly, my number one vice. however i spent the month of january in a constant fast; no dairy, no sweets, no white flour, no yeast, no alcohol, no caffeine, no meat, no preservatives, nothing processed, and most certainly no diet coke. i was in constant prayer for the first two weeks, asking for the strength to overcome temptation. eventually, it got easier. however on february 1st, i chugged a cup of coffee and ate an entire block of cheese like there was no tomorrow.

so now what? i just finished the most spiritual month of my life, and i have to turn around and start from scratch. the progressive catholic that i am, has decided instead of giving something up; i am going to make an extra effort to do more. go to mass every sunday, keep my mouth shut when my words won't be kind, give a resident an extra 5 minutes to talk even if i have a zillion other things to do. and in these ever so small offerings, i will be trying to improve the spin of the world.

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