Saturday, June 26, 2010

couldn't live without

The older I get, the more I realize that I always have to have a few things. Whether in my purse, my fridge, or my car I have to have these things within an arms reach. And here they are:

1. Anti-bacterial wipes. I have them in my car, in my office, under my bathroom sink, and in my kitchen. I love a nice clean surface wherever I am. 
2. Sunglasses. I blame it on the summer I lived on Hilton Head Island but I can not be without my sunnies. I have a pair in my car, in my purse, and on my face. Big ones, throwbacks from the 90s (love those Blublockers), expensive ones, and ones I don't care if I ever see again. My eyes will thank me when I'm 50.
3. Nivea hand cream. If you live in Chicago and don't have dry hands 7 months out of the year, you probably have oil in your veins instead of blood.
4. Bobby pins can be found in my pockets, in my desk drawer, in my center console, in a jewelery box on my dresser, and more than likely 10 are in my hair. Curls are never the same length, it's a curse.
5. Nalgene full of ice cold water. I drink approximately a gallon a day, and it's entirely because I love being refreshed but the health benefits are nice too. And btw, that nalgene has a Tri Delta sticker and is from the Salty Dog Cafe. Represent.

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