Tuesday, September 25, 2012

c'mon REFS!

the ref (left) whose neck i wanted to break
last night's football game may have been the most frustrating few hours of my life. for someone who excuses herself from the room whenever a game gets down to the last few seconds (big thanks to shaun suishman for that) i thought i was going to explode with anxiety/rage/mostly rage. 

here are a few gems that were said out loud.

"seriously seahawks, just kill yourself."
"i wanna take that white ref and break his effing neck."
"browner you are nothing but a thug"
"these motherf***s"
"what kind of world do we live in?"
"get these scab refs OUTTA HERE!"
"i hope clay matthews rips someone's head off"
"is this the superbowl? why is pete carroll running around like this is the super bowl? does he have a lazy eye?"
"i don't know whether to laugh or cry. or punch that ref in the face"
"mcnabb should return to the nfl now that interceptions count for touchdowns"

....praiza lord i can't get fined.

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