Monday, September 24, 2012

snapshots take two

in the past 10 days we have:

spent a weekend in chicago
picked bridesmaid dresses (!!!!!!)
attended our first pre-cana class
driven to virginia (with polly per my momma's request)
driven back to florida
& only taken one day off from work

it has been so wonderful to see both sides of our family in such a short amount of time and so soon after the engagement. 

to our parents and brothers (and sister in laws!): we appreciate all the love and support. you're the best! 

teeny tiny beers at piece


my love in our windy city

polly catching z's somewhere on I-95 south

ps - go pack, go!
 ps again - happy belated birthdays to 40% of k&co. love you ricey & manny.

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