Thursday, September 20, 2012

you've got email

i have sent what feels like one million emails in the last month. i have gone back and forth with the church in fredericksburg, the church in winter park, photographers, videographers, caterers, the venue. i have sent more emails that have asked the question, "does that bridesmaid dress have pockets?" than i am going to admit to. it's been a lot.

but somehow i had enough foresight to realize that if i gave out my personal email address, i would be obsessively checking to see who got back to me with what. and i don't know if this bride stands alone but after this wedding, i'm not going to want to continue corresponding with the knot (no offense). so i created a gmail address for the lewis heckel wedding, that i can check when i get home at night and everything is in one place. i don't have to comb through k&co email chains, or dinner requests from patrick, or order confirmations from anthropologie. it might be the second most brilliant thing i've done thus far in the wedding process.

the first was saying "of course" to this guy

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