Wednesday, January 9, 2013

28 years young

...that was the subject of the first email in this morning's inbox. birthday wishes from my four best girlfriends. and it set the perfect tone for today.

today i am 28. and it BLOWS MY MIND. time is literally flying by. i blinked and college was over. i blinked again and i had been in chicago for almost five years. i blinked a third time it will soon be patricio's one year anniversary with the state of florida.

and yet i don't feel sad. and i don't feel old. i just feel so excited.

excited that while the time has flown by, i feel that all my choices have been very deliberate, very informed, and with a lot of hard work i have intentionally created a life i love. a life that is mine. this didn't just happen. my 28 years years didn't just roll through. i have stumbled and picked myself up. i have had to right wrongs. i have said mean things about good people, i have had to apologize for my behavior, i have embarrassed myself, whether it was too much wine, too many emotions, or a combination of the two. but i've also filled those years with wonderful memories, wonderful stories, and wonderful people and while it took me a very long time to feel like an adult, now that i actually do, i am pretty happy about it.

and somehow in all of my own craziness and my intention to build a life that belonged to me, not a life that i shared, i met someone who made me want to throw that life of mine out the window. to rebuild. to create something that was ours. and i did so happily. and now, we get to do it all over, create a life that includes a baby, and a home, and roots. all of those things are now on the horizon and i am just so excited i could burst. thank you patricio, for being the icing on every birthday cake. you are the best part of everyday. and i am so excited to start this 29th year as your fiance, and end it as your wife.

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