Wednesday, January 2, 2013

hey you twenty thirteen

after a glorious vacation we are back in florida.

it was so great to be home with my folks and brothers. and (hold your breath everyone) this was a completely and totally drama free christmas! while the lewis family isn't really one to "fight" we do have a tendency to have what i like to call "you need a nap" moments, and this year, NOBODY NEEDED A NAP! so bravo to us!

this was also the first christmas that patricio and i spent together. and i gotta say, i loved having him with me. my parents have always liked patrick, and in my humble opinion, how can they not? the man is smart as a whip, he's catholic, and he is (was?) an eagle scout! but this visit i could tell something clicked and they embraced the fact that we are now a family of six.

and if a wonderful christmas and safe travels weren't enough, we came home and THE MOTHER FLIPPING REDSKINS WON THE NFC EAST FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 13 YEARS!

it was the perfect way to end a year that month by month brought us more joy, luck, positive change, and opportunity than any year before it. happy 2013 and hail to the redskins!

the lewis family christmas tree

soul-mates, these two.

christmas eve

new year, new name, and new initials, calls for new stationary.

christmas darling (and the carpet is not dirty, i was just not mindful of the instagram filter!)

the soon-to-be heckel family on christmas morning

fast asleep, sitting straight up.

happy 2013.

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