Thursday, May 1, 2014

lunch bowls

i have started making a weeks worth of lunch on sunday afternoons. it saves me so much time during the week, and i find it rather relaxing and a nice way to prepare myself for monday morning. loosely based off my obsession with chipotle, i have found that i really enjoy making "bowls" for lunch. i kind of made this up as i went but basically i chopped up two british cucumbers, half a red onion, and a ton of garlic. tossed that into a big mixing bowl with a little salt and pepper. i made a cup of gluten free israeli couscous with chicken broth instead of water (adds so much more flavor!). when that was done, i tossed it into the bowl with the veggies and added maybe a tablespoon of 'simply dressed' roasted tomato dressing and a little bit of feta.

i like eating this cold, but you could keep the israeli couscous separate to heat up and then toss everything right before you eat. 

so easy and so so yummy.

also, i usually make a big batch of hard boiled eggs, and so i chopped one up right before i dug in. 

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